Some of my fondest memories at home as a child are when my mom would lay me down for naptime and read books to me before drifting off to sleep. As a mom of six kids, I have strived to keep that tradition going.

As we have read aloud children's books together, I have loved to watch their knowledge and imagination grow. Reading them a bedtime story is something that I and my kids cherish together.

Literacy and reading is a key to success. Kids books read aloud help children to learn to read books themselves. Reading for kids is very important and the way that a children's book sweeps them on an adventure is irreplaceable. Today's readers become tomorrow's leaders.

Storybooks help capture children’s imagination and keep them excited while they read along. Happy Cultivated creates high quality books for kids online to assist in book reading for kids and provide a good resource for parents to help capture their kid's attention.  Each of our videos are digital reading books for kids or kid's books online. 

Our kids books read aloud are also a great teacher resource for learning to read and helping kids find joy in reading. The videos can be played for homeschool, preschool or elementary school classrooms and then the story can be discussed.

Happy Cultivated strives to cultivate (or grow) happiness in kids of all ages and to provide quality books read aloud for children. Enjoy and share the high quality videos of our children’s books read aloud and together, let's make today's readers tomorrow's leaders!

Beth - owner

Happy Cultivate - celebrating children's books through art and video